February 3, 2023 5:21 am Published by

It’s the day before vacation for me. It’s a combination of work and vacation, which are some of my favorite experiences. Kevin is with me, and as usual, we’re hustling to button everything up so we can disconnect and truly relax. 

Dan Sullivan’s words ring in my ear every time I’m leaving. 

“If we worked as hard as we do the day before vacation, we’d only need to work three days a week.” 

As I think about it, he’s right. Most of us do a lot, yet we become more efficient as time and deadlines demand. 

Too often, we need external deadlines and consequences to maximize our productivity. 

Inherently, when you enjoy contributing to something bigger than you, those external demands become unnecessary. 

I’m grateful to do work I love with people I love, making a difference, being compensated appropriately, with time for other passions.  

Imagine the impact in our world if people worked as efficiently as they do the day before vacation every day, without the frenzy.  

Beautiful and satisfying in and outside of work indeed.