August 5, 2022 5:22 am Published by

The clearer you get, the easier it is. 

When you’re clear, you know what to say YESS! and no to. 

It’s not grey, it’s black and white.  

And the funny thing is, the more you say no to, the more opportunities attract to you. In abundance. There’s no scarcity when you can say no. It’s clean, clear, and freeing. 

You are free to move and so is anyone else involved, which means you can say YESS! to only what makes sense, and more is magnetized to you: people, opportunities, and things. 

In many ways, I’ve been unclear in my life saying YESS! to too much. 

In this moment, I’m clear no is where my power lies. It’s the differentiator between all that could be and what I’m committed to.  

No is the champion of focus and clarity.