June 5, 2019 9:45 am Published by

The Answer to How is Yes #78 

While meeting with a colleague recently, we were discussing how she would build her business. She’s got many plans and tactics, and is unsure which method is best as many seem plausible.  

I asked her “what” she wanted to accomplish and “why?”  

She paused. She didn’t have a clear answer and said she’d need to give it thought.  

That was the light bulb moment. You see, meandering through your “hows” before you know your what or why is confusing work. Any how can work, there are infinite ways to make things work.  

If you aren’t clear on what and why, you’ll be busy, and you will have results. Though they likely won’t be the ones you want. 

Begin with what and why. Once clear, there are infinite “hows.” And when it gets challenging or isn’t working – because it will be challenging and won’t work at times – if your what and why are great enough, you’ll find another how until they are attained. The answer to how is yes. Thank you Peter Block.