December 16, 2021 5:36 am Published by

As I’m back to a bit of travel, I received notice I’ve reached “million miler” status. 

The recognition of what this means is both interesting and astonishing when I think about it. The trinkets and note from the airline called my attention to it and caused me to reflect.  

A million miles, dollars, minutes, smiles, thanks, words or anything else, is a lot. 

How have I spent that time on the airplane?  

Many blogs written (including this one), work completed, emails generated, reading enjoyed, shopping initiated, naps attempted, movies watched, conversations had, and relationships made. It is some of my most productive time because I can focus on me and what I need at the time. 

I don’t default to any one of those activities, I check in with myself and use that time well most of the time. While the pandemic has provided a great adjustment to the amount of my business travel and caused me to evaluate how much I choose to travel in a valuable way, I also appreciate what travel has offered as a benefit as well. 

Nothing is all good or all bad. Though travel is challenging, there are opportunities to be recognized in every trip. 

Thanks a million, Delta Airlines.