August 1, 2023 6:24 am Published by

In life, intentionality is the key to shaping our experience of life. It is the conscious act of making choices and taking deliberate actions that align with our goals and values. When we approach life with intention, we fill the space around us by design, creating an environment that reflects our desires and aspirations. 

Intentionality amplifies our focus on what truly matters and helps us avoid getting lost in the distractions life (and the media) throws our way. By setting clear intentions, we channel our energy and efforts towards meaningful pursuits, leading to a sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

On the contrary, when we neglect intentionality, life becomes haphazard, and the space around us becomes a magnet for chaos. Unwanted “squirrels” – symbolic of distractions and disturbances – eagerly fill the void we offer. These squirrels divert our attention, sabotage our progress, and hinder us from reaching our potential. 

When you embrace intentionality it’s an active bid to reclaim power in our lives. You must be the architect of your space, both metaphorically and literally. Designing your days infuses them with purpose by making choices that align with what matters most. When we’re intentional, we create a life that is authentic and true to ourselves, a life where our dreams have room to grow, and where the squirrels of distraction find other places to nest.