March 26, 2019 10:00 am Published by

Squishy Issues? #27

Why tackle squishy issues like self-doubt?

I was asked this question in an interview. First of all, I don’t think doubt is a squishy issue.  75-80% of successful people feel like imposters at times. It’s called Imposter syndrome and it’s a real thing. And if you are one of these people and you don’t have a peer group, aren’t doing EOS or working with a coach, you may believe you’re the only one who feels this way.

If you look at the anatomy of results, the majority of your results occur because of the state of being you are in – your actions and results only make sense based on your state of being. If you aren’t feeling confident, excited and focused (i.e. feeling doubtful), you won’t lead from a powerful place, show up as the best version of yourself or attain what’s possible. That can make or break a growing company, not to mention how it diminishes the opportunities available to you at that time.

For many of us who have learned to push ourselves through the doubt, we’ve often come out a bit torn, tired and surly, but we did muscle through it. Is there an easier way? Sure, but your mind needs to be open to others during that doubt which isn’t often the case for competent, successful leaders. A peer group, mentor, or coach can be vital to reframing your thinking during times of doubt if you’re willing to be vulnerable. Absent any external sounding board, powering through may not be a bad answer. As we discuss in Chasing Perfection, you can’t always think your way to better acting, but you can always act your way to better thinking.

I create a safe environment for people to tell the truth. We usually know what the “right” thing to do is – however, it’s not always accessible when our “state” is one of doubt, fear, apprehension, resignation, anger or hurt. What needs to happen to reframe your thinking at those times? Once you talk through the doubt, you are ready to shift your state in order to take new actions that now make sense.

It is simple, and vulnerability is the gateway. Will you make it easy? We’ll see…