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Will you join me? It’s goofy, crazy and serves no purpose other than spreading joy.  

Here it is: 

  • Choose a song to lip sync, make it a favorite. Record at least one minute, that way if any of us need a quick laugh, we’ve got it. Feel free to do the full song as well. 
  • Invite others you are quarantined with, your work team, your friends, or do it on your own! 
  • Perform in your Zoom Casual clothing and GO FOR IT. Don’t stress, it’s about being silly, having fun and spreading joy at a time where everyone needs more of all of it. No pressure at all! 
  • Tag friends and challenge them to do the same. Please add these #’s to your post so we have an archive of what creative, bored and goofy people do when quarantined. #spreadingjoy, #intentionalgreatness 

If you don’t want to join in, don’t. Nothing bad will happen. You may just enjoy watching others and laughing along.  

When you jump in, know you’re offsetting the news of the day, spreading joy to many people you’ll never meet who need a smile, a laugh or some relief today. Who knows, you might go viral! 😊  

Please join in or pass it on to someone who will. Thanks, here’s one of mine! More to come. In JOY. 

For instructions, click here.

To see my first #spreadingjoy #intentionalgreatness video, click here.

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