June 30, 2023 5:10 am Published by

Some friendships transcend distance, defying the constraints of time and space. They effortlessly allow you to pick up right where you left off, without the need of any preamble. These profound connections are what I call soulmates. 

While life may scatter us across different parts of the world, the bond we share remains unbreakable. The strength of these friendships lies not in the frequency of time spent together, but in the depth of understanding and unconditional support we feel every time we have the gift of connecting. 

These extraordinary friendships require no validation through constant contact. Instead, they thrive on the quality of moments shared and the genuine care for each other’s well-being. They withstand the test of time, remaining consistent through life’s highs and lows. 

In the presence of such friendships, distance becomes insignificant. The connection runs deep, reaching into the core of who you are. It’s a reminder that true soulmates understand, accept, and cherish you for who you are – no matter what condition you’re in at the moment. 

These profound friendships show us the beauty of genuine connections that surpass time and space. They remind us that even when physically apart, we can still find solace, laughter, and unwavering support. They are rare gems that enrich our lives and make us feel truly seen and understood. 

Thank you to every one of my soul sisters. I am better for knowing you.