October 13, 2022 5:25 am Published by

It’s hard for me to go slow. In fact, I can’t help myself.  

Sometimes it gets me in trouble. I’ve had times where I can see the approaching problem, but I’m there so early others don’t buy in, aren’t ready to solve or prevent it or simply don’t believe what’s crystal clear to me.  

When I can meter this ninja skill with smaller, incremental improvements, I balance the extremes of this gift. 

Taking smaller steps, making consistent progress has become the gateway to discipline for me, and becomes the easier way to sustain progress over time.  

In doing less better, staying focused, and being clear on the end result, big results become sustainable. 

When I need to go fast, it’s always available to me and typically I’m doing that alone. 

When I want to go far and sustain the results, it’s also available to me and I’m most often doing that with others. 

Chunk it down, maintain clarity and focus, and you’ll make greater progress over time.