February 9, 2023 6:49 am Published by

January certainly seemed full. 

Being from Minnesota we tend to think of January as the longest month of the year. Many of us enjoy the snow through the holidays and then jokingly (not really) say we’d like all the snow to be done and spring to arrive. 

Only it doesn’t work that way. 

This year, it seemed as if January was the month the wheels came off for everyone. Intense challenges, mental health, business transitions, partner issues, family issues and certainly world issues. 

My means for staying buoyant during challenging times has meant prioritizing myself in the mix. As the hours of my days lengthened, the number of conversations outside business hours increased and stress increased, so did my commitment to my practices. 

I used to steal from every minute of “extra” time (exercise, rest, friends, fun, reading, journaling, cooking, etc) to offer more to others. It worked – at my expense. 

Though I’m a slow learner, I’m happy to say I’ve learned to prioritize those things which offer me  resilience in the face of increasing external demands. 

Slowly, but surely.