December 15, 2021 5:25 am Published by

When things don’t go as planned, how do you respond? 

I was waiting for the ride I scheduled to the airport in the lobby and saw the app said “your driver is arriving” flash on the screen. I opened the app and recognized the icon of the car was miles away from my location. I let the driver know I was waiting, and he indicated he had arrived.  

Both statements were true, they weren’t synchronized. I called him, and as he began to explain and give the reasons and what I should do to complain to the company, I explained I needed to get to the airport for a flight and asked him how far away he was. He tried to defend his location and I interrupted letting him know that wasn’t important right now. When he understood I was not upset but looking for a solution we realized he could reach me and get to the airport on time. 

While I’m a seasoned traveler, I’ve learned to focus on where I’m going instead of what’s not going as planned. Crisis averted, exaggerated emotions spared, and focus maintained. It all worked out and I made my flight. 

What’s great is this same strategy works in your life as well.