April 11, 2023 5:25 am Published by

While I’m a great proponent of pausing not stopping, inserting a comma instead of a period offers stress relief when the pressure is high.  

Said another way, you can quit in the moment, wake up the next day, and begin again. This is where you let your brain off the hook from protection – this is your brain’s job – so it can rest. 

At this moment, many people decide they’ve failed. 

That’s where we’ve got it all wrong.  

You’ve made many attempts, you haven’t failed.  

Reframing what feels in moments like failure is imperative to success. You’ve made attempts and you’re not there yet.  

Pause, don’t stop, or allow yourself to quit in the moment; regroup and begin again when you’re ready for another attempt. 

Failing is when you give up. Anything else is progress. 

Even when you can’t see it.