October 10, 2022 5:34 am Published by

There’s something about fall that renews my spirit. 

It’s a time of reflection, preparation (for winter for the Midwesterners) and pace adjustments. 

It is a time when I’m most active and mirrors spring in the temperature and lack of humidity. 

I enjoy the crisp mornings and seem to enjoy the sunny days more as they’re in contrast to the grey of winter.  

And then there are the colors. As the trees prepare and turn, the technicolor palate of autumn can’t be compared. I look forward to long walks of appreciation for this short window of beauty that changes every day. 

As I think of the pacing, transitioning from a casual summer, there’s an awakening with fall in anticipation of the rush of the holidays ahead.  

Fall provides a comma between what was and what will be the completion of 2022. 

In my reflection, I am excited to bring in the year’s end with momentum and clarity. 

How about you?