November 1, 2022 5:25 am Published by

As I realize I’m 33 blogs from 1000, I want to review the lessons and see how permanent or semi-permanent they’ve been. It occurred to me reviewing my lessons from every 50 blogs might inform additional learning for all of us. Let’s see what’s there. 

What I suspect is there’s nothing new, but I may find some highlights and great takeaways from this fabulous experiment. Some observations relative to my own learning in the beginning: 

  • One of my key takeaways was I talked about it being fun in several ways. It’s not new anymore, so I’m present to the practice being embodied and also how much fun I have learning and doing new things. Growth happens here. Learning = fun when we get to vs. have to. 
  • I referenced using and expanding on the 10 chapters of our book and haven’t done that enough, I’ve pulled it out for tomorrow’s blog. This also relates to one of my rocks this quarter and offers a great opportunity to do both at the same time. 

  • Blogging consistently has made me an intentional observer, a better communicator (I’ll never be done with this one) and has allowed me to bring joy to writing. 
  • Doing anything with accountability to others publicly has contributed to me pushing through times when comfort, convenience and excuses might slow or stop me. 

This may contribute to my next book and a recipe for my personal evolution.  

I’m grateful for all of it.