October 9, 2020 7:00 am Published by

What does it mean to be connected?

In considering this question, I had to throw out the word “virtual” for meetings and events online. By using virtual, it suggests it’s not the real thing. Whether we realize it or not, we can connect really effectively online by learning how to use the tools around us. That being said, I will gather extra hugs with those I can in lieu of doing so with all of you right now.

One of the ways I’m pushing myself to “upskill” these days is immersing myself in three long-term, comprehensive programs relative to facilitation, online learning and coaching. I’m discovering many new facilitation techniques, investing in technology as well as redesigning our offices to create a physically safe space for our clients.

We’re not relying only on digital work and also not relying only on in person experiences. Neither one is a full solution alone, so learning how to overdeliver value through a digital experience has become our greatest opportunity. To gain the maximum efficiencies we must reevaluate how we work long term and whether you’ve adjusted fully or partially, hybrid is our future. We’re never going back.

As you see us moving to more exclusive content with new digital workshops, webinars, and the online community we’re accelerating into, we hope you’ll connect directly to see what’s around the corner for you, your leadership team, your company and our community with us.

We’re pushing to be better and continually redefine what it means to be connected. So, short of a hug, handshake and all that comes with being in person, we intend to blow your mind if you’ll play along online.

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