March 16, 2021 5:10 am Published by

Since March of 2020,we’ve been pretty uncertain about a lot of things.  

And really, that’s the way that it’s been, it’s just in the front seat of the car right now.  

Normally we can fool ourselves and say, oh I know what’s going to happen – when we really don’t know.  

We want to believe we know what’s coming, and we have predictability. 

But really, what do you know for sure? What can you guarantee? 

It’s nothing friends, all the changes in the past year have highlighted just how little control we have.  

And for those of us who adapt and flex, we’re finding some wonderful wins.  

Does it mean we love all of it, hell no.  

Does it mean that we can deal with it. Yes, and some days, some days are better than others.  

Other days, I wish it was another day at another time when we weren’t working quite so hard, because some days, it just seems like a struggle no matter what you do.  

So, how are you? Really?