November 29, 2021 5:40 am Published by

I’ve written about it before, but it’s all about the little things. There are no big things, it’s a series of little things in alignment.  

Whether in business, a family or community, when we’re aligned for all the right reasons sharing a common outcome or goal, we each can contribute our highest and best skills to the collaborative result. It’s easier, more fun and everyone wins. 

Each year, our family comes to our home, we decorate and celebrate the kick-off to the holidays. What would take Kevin and I several days on our own becomes a few hours, a great meal and sharing time together.  

The same thing happens when we cook. We each have parts of what we do well: organizing, purchasing and making the menu, chopping, washing and drying, setting the table, cleaning up afterward – no one has to do everything, we can all do a piece and enjoy the experience while listening to great music and connecting. 

Day 21: As you look at the projects around you at work and home, see them as pieces of a puzzle. Who could you include, how could you simplify and what could you offer to make it a joy to create together and appreciate the results? See the opportunities as a gift to offer, not a task to create obligation. Who could I include to share their gifts and what could become an inclusive cooperative opportunity?