November 3, 2021 5:13 am Published by

When working with teams, I’m known to repeat the phrase “seven times for people to hear it the first time” to remind us it takes repetition to “get it.” New research offers it’s closer to 20 times for people to hear it the first time given the amount of information we’re facing all day. Ugh. 

It can be exhausting to repeat yourself often and be consistent, yet it works.  

Day 3: Today, as often as possible, begin your conversations with an appreciation of the person/people you’re meeting with. Whether online or in person, dedicate at least one sentence to a sincere acknowledgement of those present. Before you begin, take one minute, think about the person and speak to the qualities or characteristics they contribute to make it all work and make us better. Then, continue with your agenda.  

Thank you for playing along! Please comment below with any observations, we love to learn with you!