October 7, 2021 5:43 am Published by

David Cooperrider said, “Our organizational lives and the lives of others flourish or flounder one conversation at a time.”  

To consider the magnitude of this statement leaves me thinking of how often I casually talk and listen. If I take this statement as an opening, it makes me pause. 

I’m pausing to consider: 

  • What would be possible if I took this comment as truth? 

  • Who would benefit? (My prompt answer is everyone, including me) 
  • Why wouldn’t I operate this way? 
  • What gets in the way of me treating each conversation as if it was the only opportunity I had? 
  • Why don’t I practice? 

So, I did. I tried it immediately on an airplane with the flight attendant and the former stranger sitting next to me. That person happened to know my husband. It was an awesome conversation. 

The funny thing is, our initial impression of one another wasn’t great. It all changed with a conversation. 

Maybe there’s something to this?  

I think so. More to come friends.