January 26, 2023 5:09 am Published by

On my quest for gratitude, simplicity, and order this year I’m learning more about minimalism.  

I’m happy to say I’m still on track with a box a week and while listening to a short book about minimalism, I took away a few great practices: 

  1. When reducing in any area of your home, pull out EVERYthing in that category and look at it. Then, reduce to the minimal number of things you need. Put the remainder in a box or boxes and don’t dispose of it yet. After a period of time (a week or so) if there’s anything you miss, add it back in. She said this prevented the backlash of acquiring more. 

  1. Learning to live with “less” will have a compounding effect. Once applied in an area, it will continue to other areas. 

  1. In regards to events like birthdays where accumulating can happen whether you intend it or not, make conscious additions. Choose experiences over packages. 

  1. Pare down over time. There is no rush. Decide what you want to work on first and begin. 

  1. Questions to help reduce on a quarterly basis: 

  • Am I making the most of what I have? 
  • What’s not needed? 

  • How do I feel in this space? 
  • What are my favorites? 
  • Imagine your closet containing only clothing you feel amazing in when you wear it. 
  • What would make this space a haven? 
  • What do I want to work on first?