July 25, 2022 5:13 am Published by

This week, I went to see a nutritionist.  

As I’ve noticed changes in my body, I’ve learned to seek new resources to learn more. Along with a fairly clean diet and exercise, this new activity has opened my eyes. 

Alicia serves as more of a coach and mad scientist for me.  

Though I’ve only seen her three times, she’s provided insight into how I’m processing stress with the information she gathers through a fancy scale and what is and is not happening. 

Last week, as I ventured in for my third visit, I knew the results would be worse, not better, than the month prior. When she confirmed my thoughts with data, she put the information aside and told me my lack of progress was 100% due to stress.  

As I’ve been reflecting on my own frustration with lack of results, Alicia’s insight has been invaluable. 

The changes I need to make are about how I work and live, not just diet and exercise.  

Our bodies tell us what’s not working if we pay attention.  

We can address it now or later.  

The difference is significant.