June 26, 2019 8:59 am Published by

Not Today #93

When you get clear on things you say “yess” and “no” better. Historically, I’ve not been good at saying “no.” My company is named “YESS!” which explains a lot. It’s been an issue.

The good news is, I have a great team who strongly suggested I learn to say “no” more frequently as a commitment. You see, my saying “yess” doesn’t impact only me, it impacts my team and my family.

Thankfully, they are an understanding bunch who have been flexible as my learning curve has improved. It’s likely been slower than they’d like. Incrementally however, I am improving. Now my team asks me to flex and say “yess” at times and it is a test of my commitment.

I’m better. I’m improving. The clearer I get on who and what I compromise with every “yess” the easier it gets. Mostly, I compromise myself. It shows up as lack of sleep, less time for self-care and less social time for friends and family. These are not things I give up readily anymore.

Am I better? YESS! and the result? Abundance. My opportunities are expanding as I say no. I’ve heard this from Gino Wickman for years and while I believed him, I didn’t have the practice embodied yet.

I’m improving. Today I had a victory that was visceral. It was a situation I’d usually say “YESS!” to and compromise some well deserved time off. It would be a logical trade with serving others as my reason for trading self-care, family or friend time tomorrow. It would be justifiable. I would rationalize it away. I’m well-rehearsed at doing that.

Not today.

It’s getting easier, and though people around me continue to offer the opportunity, it’s up to me to say “no.” I’ve trained them. They are only doing what I gave permission to. Moment by moment, it’s a choice.

Not today.