August 19, 2021 5:39 am Published by

No such thing as a perfect “10” on a scale of one to ten? 

Tell that to Quan Hongchan who at 14 years of age who won the gold during the platform diving competition with two perfect 10 dives and a third dive with 10s and one 9.5. 

Often, with leadership teams, I’ll hear teams rate each other as a nine because they don’t believe in tens. They justify their rating by stating there’s always room for improvement. 

Except when there isn’t.  

There are moments when everything comes together, you’re winning and it all works.  

When you rate a stellar meeting below whatever it deserves, you are demotivating your top performers.  

In time they will leave you and your criticism. 

The way to make your scoring matter? Offer feedback on the actions and behaviors needed to make the meeting a 10. Let people know what behaviors to change to make the meeting a ten.  

Oh, and include yourself as well. It’s likely you have room for improvement in the motivation department.