March 6, 2023 5:25 am Published by

Change and transformation are different. 

Most of us seek transformation, but actually activate change. All transformation begins with change, yet all change doesn’t result in transformation. 

Change is about more, better, different.  

Often, change is incremental. If you sustain the new behavior over a significant period of time, transformation is the result. If you don’t, the return trip from short term change lands you where you began, often with penalties and interest. This leaves us disappointed at best and can lead to doubting ourselves and diminishing hope at worst. 

Over time, change can have a more permanent impact. When it is long term changed behavior coupled with reflection over time, it leads to transformation. Our consistent, incremental improvement alters our relationship with how it’s “always” been. To alter a relationship with your past, your habits, and your unconscious behaviors requires practice, patience and learning over time.  

There are no quick fixes in the game of transformation.