November 9, 2021 5:16 am Published by

This time of year can be challenging for those of us who have loved ones no longer with us for any reason. As we step into the joyous traditions coupled with the stress of the holidays, remembering it’s a mixed bag emotionally for every person we encounter can help manage expectations. 

Finding gratitude for those no longer physically with us, the memories we shared, the triggers that remind us of them, the sights, sounds, and smells, everything that could lead down a path of joy or grief – this is the tricky part. 

Today, watch for signs and bless those who are no longer physically here. For me, the hawks I encounter remind me of my mom, dad, and brother Bill. The cardinals welcome Mahtab, holiday cooking triggers so many smells and memories of my family while songs take me to places where I’ve shared happy times with many people. 

Let every trigger signal gratitude today. 

Day 7: Consider the visceral things which remind you of people no longer with you – it may be due to divorce, death or geography – and for today, let it prompt appreciation, gratitude and joy for the moments you’re present to it.