April 6, 2022 5:19 am Published by

I went to see a local band recently and went with Kevin (my husband), Ali (my daughter), some friends from Kevin’s work, and my BFF Lisa (from age 4) and her husband Mark.  

To say it was fun would be to diminish the joy we had. 

Lisa and I attended many concerts together, including too many to count for The Suburbs band in our youth. The band reunited 10-15 years ago for purposeful reasons and I reunited my fandom.  

This was our first show together since we were in our twenties. It was awesome to say the least. 

The combination of being with the same band, some of the same people, with my daughter and BFF at the same time with the same band emerging out of a pandemic was electric. 

Call it music for the soul.  

Being there with my people – Kevin, Lisa and Ali – was priceless. We danced, sang along, and enjoyed the crazy great show the band offered without masks, celebrating the magic of how music traverses every distance…including time and age.  In my 20s, it never occurred to me I’d be doing the same thing with the same people AND my children. Mind blown! 

It was the same, and yet so much better.