December 14, 2020 8:00 am Published by

One of the most powerful opportunities we have amidst the vastly challenging days of 2020 is to savor the moment and slow down enough to be grateful for the gifts and wins it has offered. 

Slowing down, which many of us have appreciated, has enriched our relationships and encouraged renewed peace of mind. I’m not negating the hard stuff, simply suggesting we seize the moment for perspective. 

One activity I’m suggesting for EVERY leader I know in their business and personal life is to take 30-60 minutes and do a review of 2020. Look backward in your business and write down what’s working, what has become more efficient, what is better and has connected you. Put this is your “keep” column to remind yourself not to throw out the baby with the bath water. Do this at home as well – it’s a game changer and your gratitude will bring peace of mind. 

Then, take a more critical review of 2020. What will you stop doing, discontinue, only return to if…? Put those in a “stop” column. There are many things that were inefficient, time consuming, kept us in busyness, but weren’t productive, efficient or helpful. Again, consider this for your personal life as well.  

Last, what will you maintain? In your review for work and home, what are the traditions, processes, activities and long held standards that serve you well? What has endured to keep you resilient regardless of the amount of change, challenge, and disruption. Add these things to a “maintain” or “continue” column.  

To heighten the visual effect, use color to enhance the columns and keep a running list as 2021 offers new opportunities and challenges with return to work. (I use green for start, red for stop and blue for continue!) Add to your lists whenever you can as this will evolve over time (just like it’s been doing!).  

Watch my video on Start, Stop, Continue for even more information.