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Motivation is an Inside Job #187

A goal is not enough. It’s important, but it won’t motivate you when things are tough. How do you find your mojo if you really want to attain something but your mood isn’t supporting you?

You can use external means:

  • Great music, a quote, YouTube, a book – all for inspiration
  • Work with someone – make it a team event if you’re feeling isolated
  • Change your environment
  • Workout and use the adrenaline afterward to get a kickstart
  • Organize your surroundings – for the control freaks like me, this helps!

You can shift your internal dialog:

  • Ask questions and document your answers to questions like these:
    • What do I really want?
    • How would I behave if I really wanted this?
    • How would I behave if I’d already attained this?
    • What will be different when I have this?
    • What’s the first step I can take right now to make progress?

Motivation is a tricky thing, it’s all internal and you’re the one to create it. Though external means contribute, motivation is an inside job.

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