May 3, 2022 5:15 am Published by

Conferences are great opportunities for learning, connecting, and growing. They’re also hard work. 

I returned from the EOS Worldwide conference overfilled with action items and emotion. 

What surfaced for me during the many terrific workshops was a mixed bag of internal turmoil and emotion.  

I was overfull from great content certainly, and beyond that was an undoing of sorts.  

It was my first conference attending and doing nothing, which was a gift and opportunity to let go. I was attending not as a presenter; I was attending as a host for my clients as well as an entrepreneur.  

It was both awesome and awful. I realized I am built for more.  

My purpose is calling, I’ve recommitted, and am focused with work to do. 

Our work, that of Intentional Greatness®, is emerging in its next iteration.  

This means my comfort in knowing is releasing into what I don’t yet know.  

It’s both terrifying and exciting. 

More to come. 

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