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More Ignorance Please #226

I was in a session with one of my favorite teams and a new team member shared a great quote I had to capture. He said, “Ignorance can be fixed, stupidity can’t.”

I welcomed that phrase and laughed out loud.

How many situations do we all create out of ignorance? Unintentional bumbling into waters in which we’re either not well versed, we are too casual or simply say something we shouldn’t. I know I’m an offender as I often think as I’m talking.

In those moments when I’m less than graceful or eloquent; when someone is gracious enough to point it out in a meaningful way to help me learn—I am grateful for their wisdom, education and the opportunity to improve.

In those moments when I repeat the mistake, knowing better, I’m just plain stupid. Our world needs more ignorance and less stupidity.

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