September 2, 2021 5:35 am Published by

Middle of the Night Thoughts on Parenting #664 

You’re only as happy as your saddest child. 

Never have truer words been spoken. It’s hard to detach from your kid’s successes and challenges. When a lot is going on, it can result in lost sleep, tough conversations and overarchingly nagging thoughts.  

Talking with people you know well, who know you, your kids and the challenges can be a game changer. Though things really aren’t different by talking, it feels different to be fully understood.  

If nothing else, you feel less alone. 

Being a parent is a humbling experience. It has put me square in the middle of all I do and don’t do well. It interrupts my autopilot behaviors and wakes me up in the middle of the night. 

The concerns get more complicated the older the kids are.  

May I be wise enough to love them through it all and also let go with grace.