July 23, 2020 7:10 am Published by

One profound lesson available to us all right now is to meet people where they are.  

Are you curious enough to find out what someone is dealing with right now?  

Do you check in, ground yourself and see all that is available when fully present with someone or do you breeze by, making your deposits and moving onto the next “thing” or next conversation? 

Are you having transactions or are you connected?  

If your story is about Zoom, and its limitations, say yes to being transactional.  

Certainly, there is more available in person, AND, if that’s not currently available, how do we become the kind of listeners that the medium doesn’t limit us? 

Only then will we be authentic with our interactions.  

When we can meet each other with compassion where they are, with no (or little) judgment about where they are, we have a chance for building trust and authentically generating a conversation from curiosity and openness. This is the doorway to affecting change while gracefully working through the tough stuff. We must learn acceptance for where people are at, what’s possible from that place and whether or not we are willing to meet in a mutually agreed upon space. 

The bridge is neutrality and the result is honoring what is so…for now; until it is no longer so.