June 19, 2019 7:41 am Published by

Maybe That’s the Problem #88

In an EOS session today, our team was winning by all measures – on their scorecard, P & L, profit and rocks. Only they weren’t celebrating, and they were tired.

So tired in fact, they questioned whether their growth or success was worth it.

As we dove into the issues, we discussed the effort required to grow by 33% in 6 months. This was after growing 50% the year prior.

Yes, they are tired; they haven’t focused in for two years. Their growth has been to the top and bottom line, but their infrastructure hasn’t kept up. So far, they’ve been able to manage the growth themselves.

When the Visionary talked about the hiring they need to do today, he planned on hiring someone outside their industry and then spending the time training them on the industry. My comment to him was “maybe that’s the problem.” It’s the way you’ve always hired and you’re now too big to train someone into the position. You need someone to bring you up. Someone who’s been where you haven’t yet and will work with you to get there.

In every company, there comes a time to hire up, and level up.

Is it your time?