August 30, 2023 5:01 am Published by

Success as a leader doesn’t happen from having all the answers. During my years of teaching leadership, communication, and management, I’ve learned that the most important thing is learning to have open, honest, and vulnerable conversations. To get maximum participation with our teams, we each need to believe our contribution matters.  

Compare the Super Bowl to a work meeting. Why do individuals show up so differently to one vs. the other? The answer is engagement. Think of how many meetings you’ve been in where participants are just listening passively. They aren’t there to contribute. Their mind is elsewhere; it’s your meeting, not theirs.  

How can we as leaders create an environment that motivates everyone to show up to a meeting like the teams show up for the Super Bowl? It begins with you.  

By getting everyone involved, prepared, and fully participating in the meeting, we discover new and collaborative ideas that our usual methods might miss. Asking others to show up, participate as if it was their meeting, and contribute to the betterment of all is the beginning of intentional leadership. 

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