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Making Space #201

Clearing things out and making space is a skill everyone needs, whether it’s your closets, your car, your office, or headspace. For leaders, creating space is essential; the difference between being mediocre and exceptional lies in the space between your ears.

For me, part of making space also includes my body. I do some form of detox or cleanse once or twice a year. I started this 10+ years ago and have seen tremendous benefits. Recently, I did the 10-day green smoothie cleanse by J.J. Smith. It’s the best detox I’ve done so far.

The results include mental clarity, weight loss, better quality of sleep, healthier skin, and time you’d otherwise spend eating. I’ve also noticed that one of the benefits within the mental clarity is a more informed perspective on life and people.

For me, the detox included distancing myself from people who didn’t fit in my world any longer as well. When anyone needs you to shrink or change to fit into their world; when their impact isn’t forwarding, it’s limiting. When they bring a form of chaos or challenge to you every day, it’s time to evaluate the relationship.

Health and a healthy perspective go hand in hand. It’s no wonder the benefits are all about clarity and peace. It’s okay to make space in your life. In fact, it’s the difference between being mediocre and intentionally great.

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