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This graphic blew my mind. I don’t know if it’s factual or not, yet I know none of us live in either mindset permanently. The game is to develop strategies to manage to YOUR 2% mindset. Mine is below. 

If 98% of the population: 

Wants to be like everyone else Plays it safe 
Is insecure  Has regrets 
Is surviving Has a “dull” life 
Lives in fear Procrastinates  
Is just getting by Settles for less 

It sure sounds dismal and scarce. I know many of us experience these very human feelings. It doesn’t mean we live there.  

I’ve learned over the years to manage my mindset. My stress is like a runaway skateboard down a hill when I’m overtired, overscheduled, and overcommitted. I don’t always catch it early enough, but I’m a work in progress getting better all the time. The strategy I use to move to the 2% is below.  

It’s a few simple (not easy) steps that work for me: 

  1. Decide I’m successful. This is a problem to solve and an opportunity to grow / improve 

  1. Remind myself I need to change some behaviors (vs something being wrong with me or others) and I can always do something differently. It’s very different than criticizing yourself or others. 

  1. Simplify what’s happening – get to the core 3 things I MUST get done to win / feel better  

  1. Say no 

  1. Ask for help 

  1. Get sleep and exercise, these are my two defaults for resetting 

  1. Focus on #3 like my life depends on it (knowing it doesn’t) 

If abundance is hanging in the balance, it’s worth taking time to maintain YOUR 2% mindset. 

Pursuing your dreams Embracing the unknown 
Having confidence Experiencing Excitement 
Exploring new things Enjoying change 
Choosing happiness Living without limits 
Enjoying fulfillment Getting the most out of life