January 15, 2020 7:00 am Published by

Goals. We love to set them, and even better if we’re able to hit them. 

Kevin and I have a practice of setting our joint goals for the year on a Personal VTO on New Year’s Day  (part of the EOS structureDM me if you’re interested). It’s a worthwhile and meaningful exercise we both look forward to each year.

This year, we missed some big goals as they were predicated on our home selling, which took a year…not what we had in mind. It was supposed to sell quickly, but it didn’t. So, plans changed, and we didn’t do everything we’d intended. 

At the same time, several of the goals we’d set for three years out happened. In great specificity. When we looked back two years, it was mind-boggling to see what’s happened, with what seemed little to no effort. 

The duality of this situation made many things clear for us including: 

  • You won’t always get what you focus on, you will get what you intend and align upon
  • What you focus on will consume your thoughts and mind, and can result in stress over all you can’t control
  • It’s all working, whether I see it in the moment or not. It takes gratitude and appreciation to realize how beautiful the parts come together
  • We always seem to have more to be grateful for than upset about, lighten up
  • How wonderful and rewarding is it to design your future and live into it?