December 19, 2022 5:25 am Published by

I’ve been traveling again, which offers the gift of serendipitous intersections. 

I had the great fortune of sitting next to Ashley, who asked me about my reMarkable2 (favorite device ever – and they didn’t pay me to say that!) and we were off to the races. 

I’m typically the passenger who keeps to themselves, putting on my headphones and drifting into work, the day’s events, or a feeble attempt at rest. Not today. 

Ashley and I wasted no time diving into deep subjects for the duration of the flight. As I learned more about her, the challenges she’s faced due to a rare health condition, the lives she impacts with her work serving terminally ill children, and her incredibly solid approach to life, I asked her if she’s ever considered writing a book. Her life is rich and riveting, and certainly would benefit and inspire others. After our conversation, my perspective was one of wonder and appreciation. 

This kind of connection happens quite often for me. It’s when I’m present with another person who also moves past small talk quickly and in turn leads to deep connection, meaningful conversation, and perspective.   

The simplest and most powerful investment a person can make with other people is to interact as though their communication matters.  

Listening is the doorway to connection.