August 5, 2020 7:00 am Published by

Do you have goals big enough to focus your time, energy, attention and choices? 

Without a compelling future state, we will make daily choices which slow our progress or lengthen the runway to get there. 

When you have a desired outcome in the future you’re committed to, it informs what you say yes and no to (which are usually slightly gratifying today, yet aren’t in alignment for progress to your desired future).  

Think of every long-term outcome as a clarifier for what’s important now and later. 

Without a compelling, long-term result in mind, you’ll only consider what’s important now; later is, well, later. We buy into the thinking that we’ll have more time, energy, money, etc…in the future, so immediate gratification becomes more important than aligning our actions to something more lasting and sustaining down the road.  

What’s worth your time, energy and attention? If you’re not focused on the future, consider envisioning something worthwhile for yourself, your family, your team, or your company.  

Let your future be your guide today…and tomorrow.