May 3, 2021 5:00 am Published by

“Let today be the day you let go of who you’ve been for who you’ll become.” Hal Elrod 

What a powerful quote to remind yourself every day (really every minute) is an opportunity to redefine yourself based on who you intend to be, not who you’ve been. 

When we firmly grasp what’s possible when we step into our greatness intentionally, we will begin to build a muscle of no longer settling for mediocrity.  

This is our opportunity to choose again when the day, the meeting, the minute, the conversation, the event doesn’t go according to plan, because that’s far more likely than what we’d imagined.  

When we can get our arms around how powerful it is to release any interpretation of ourselves that doesn’t help us live our best life, we will embrace all that’s possible in that moment.