July 16, 2020 7:22 am Published by

Knowing is better than not knowing.  

When there are too many variables at play and way too many things feel uncertain, it’s easy to lose sight of what is and let your thoughts and feelings carry you into overwhelm, anxiety and fear.  

Enter 2020. We’re all at a level of fatigue, denial or dismissal at varying times.  

How do you re-center? You return to the present. You breathe. You pause and widen your view.  

When you’re too focused on the details and chaos, you’re swept in it.  

While it’s easy to do, the best way to regain your footing is to let go.  

Yup. Let go and ride the wave as you focus on the things you are sure of: your values, your family, your friends, your purpose, your breath.    

There are great things happening, can you see them?  

It’s like martial arts, you must go with what’s coming at you and absorb that energy to then be able to redirect it. Surrendering to what is happening allows you to  

Let go.