March 3, 2023 5:07 am Published by

Well, it’s time for my lessons again. Now that I’m over the first 1000 blogs, it’s a part of my process and I look forward to reflecting on what I’ve learned.

Having crested the goal line, now I’m finding it hard to consider stopping, though I’ve been encouraged to stop by concerned friends and family when my plate is overfull.

Somehow, it’s harder to stop now. Call it habit, stubbornness, commitment, or the curiosity to see how long this will run its course and compel me to continue.

Regardless, today I’m in and here’s what I’m realizing:

  1. I am ready for something new to add to my practices. My mind is reflecting on this blogging habit and wondering how I can apply it to exercise. Somehow that seems more daunting. Not impossible, just bigger. It’s strange to me because I didn’t enjoy writing, so I took this on. I enjoy exercise and being active, yet thinking of making it work seems more challenging.
  2. Life has been complicated and particularly messy for several months. This practice has been helpful for me to see my thoughts, engage with them on paper, and remain centered at times.
  3. I recognize my family and work are going through a transformation. It’s been challenging as I feel like everyone including clients are more reliant upon me right now. It seems my resilience is being tested everywhere.
  4. I’m proud of my ability to keep my word, perform, and reach out for wisdom and support from my friends and mentors. Though I’ve felt particularly vulnerable, I’m surrounded by people who support me when others can’t.
  5. Stay the course. It’s all here to have me learn and emerge into the next best iteration of myself. My work is wherever I am. We’ll all be better for it. Let the journey unfold and embrace it.