February 14, 2020 8:00 am Published by

Perspective is priceless.

In the past few weeks, I was on a combination work/vacation in Key West. It was glorious to walk and enjoy the pristine 65-75-degree weather during the height of our grey Minnesota winter for a week. While the location wasn’t my favorite destination, we found lovely shops, things to do and amazing food to enjoy.

Interestingly, my husband and I typically enjoy active vacations. We enjoy being challenged, physically and mentally. Rarely do we relax and rest, it’s not something I do well. Our activity was contained to walking 12-20K steps each day, which is plenty, but no gym time or water sports.

I’ve had an increase in severe headaches over the past several months/years. Some are migraines. It’s not fun and I’ve been paying attention to my practices to discover the cause. I’ve noticed patterns of when I usually have headaches and I was anticipating one or two this week. Nothing. Not one headache.

Sleep, activity and quieting my mind. Hmmm, who knew? I did, damn it. Lesson learned. Now the rework of my time begins!

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