August 25, 2021 5:16 am Published by

In yesterday’s blog, I talked about being surprised by grief and how I thought my experience with my son’s teacher was unique. I found out at her celebration of life that it wasn’t. Her commitment (and masterful ability) to impact people that many disregard and judge was so significant it was overwhelming. 

She took her own traumatized learning experience and catalyzed it to change the world. She confidently told people she taught those no one else could, and she did. 

She created connection and empathy, because she’d been down the same path and new all too well how painful it is to have learning disabilities in the world.  

As I ruminate in the vast legacy she’s left with so many of us, I’m left appreciating the work she did to transcend hatred and turn it into love while transforming all of us in the process. 

The journey of turning pain into growth is one we can all make. Doing the work, opening the door for others, and creating the safety for learning to occur is a noble one. 

Will you make the journey?