October 1, 2021 5:25 am Published by

Do you realize how you’re showing up? 

I’ve had some interesting interactions as people seem to be crispier right now. My role has been to recognize the confrontation while also gracefully helping people work through the tough stuff. 

It’s been interesting and challenging. 

Seeing leaders behave in ways they realize are unbecoming, hurtful or disrespectful only increases a downward spiral of stress, judgment, and anxiety. 

How can we suspend what we know, assert and believe long enough to listen to another point of view, consider it and either reframe our perspective or return to our position? 

Many people are struggling to have this skill. 

Remembering we can disagree and still like, enjoy and trust someone is becoming a stretch for many folks. 

What can you do to lean in when it’s tough? How do you collaborate when you feel so alone? 

Join us November 3 and we’ll create space to learn.