January 10, 2022 5:24 am Published by

There’s got to be a simpler way. That’s what 2020/2021 has taught me. 

Simplify everything. From a place of abundance while embracing my highest and best use everywhere in my life. 

As I’ve been assessing myself, my life and how I want 2022 to happen, one theme keeps smacking me in the face. K.I.S.S. – keep it simple…strategically. (It’s not stupid or sweetie – see what I did there? It’s the 2022 upgrade). 

If 2020 blurring into 2021 evoked nothing else, it is my fatigue with some of the abundance around me – opportunities, people, stuff, challenges and what’s felt like more than I can do at times. 

I’m beginning the process in the same way I took my holiday decorations down. I do a little at a time, then I step back to see what I’m not seeing. Otherwise, that wreath on the door may be there in February until I “see” it again. 

This is the strategic part. Do some things, let go, step back, assess, repeat.  

I’m embracing doing less better at the next level. It’s working. Intentionally. 

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