August 20, 2021 5:45 am Published by

Adding people to your team brings complexity. 

It’s exponential. If you hire one person, you’ve made a 50% increase in headcount. Yet it results in a 200% increase in complexity. 

Add just one more person, it’s a 100% increase in headcount and a 500% increase in complexity.  

If it seems more complex, you’ve got it right. Your job as a leader is to simplify things when they become complex, whether that’s from hiring or otherwise. 

Do you simplify things when it becomes chaotic and mistakes are being made? 

Do you look for ways to do less better? Reduce the elements to their simplest form? 

Do you create consistency in your communication with your team to make it work? 

When you watch great teams play, they keep it simple. 

As the US women’s sand volleyball players April Ross and Alix Klineman said when going for the gold, “we knew we could win if we served better than they did.” 

There were a thousand things to focus on and they chose serving.  

K.I.S.S. It works.