June 12, 2020 8:02 am Published by

As I open my mind to the various points of views about systemic racism and learning more about what’s happening, I am reading, watching and learning about things that are uncomfortable.  

To learn about systemic racism means I need to take in views I don’t agree with, haven’t considered, images and learnings which make me upset, angry and embarrassed.  

It also means I need to share what I’m reading, thinking about, feeling and learning so a broader audience who may be interested can join in, challenge or object to what I’m sharing and contest what I’m doing. It’s the only way to learn and grow. 

I don’t like it. It’s tiring. It’s uncomfortable, and I believe it’s necessary for me and for others.  

It isn’t popular, nor is it easy. My eyes, heart and mind are open. I am committed to learn and be better.