July 10, 2023 5:25 am Published by

We enjoyed time with our friends Lisa and Mark last week. I’ve known Lisa since age 4 and met Mark 30 years ago. I introduced them and they got married. I’ve known them both longer than I’ve known Kevin.  

At dinner, Mark says “can we share some Sue stories?” That question made me cringe with the possibility of what might follow since I met Mark when he participated in a leadership program I was teaching. 

He quickly offered, quoting me: “excuses are just stories without results.” 

I laughed, thankfully no longer cringing, agreeing it still holds true for me. Excuses are cunning illusions we create to justify our lack of action and results. They’re like masks we wear to hide from the truth.  

Are these masks worth our effort? 

Excuses may bring temporary relief, allowing us to avoid facing the uncomfortable reality that progress requires effort and commitment. They wrap us in a cozy blanket of complacency, keeping us stuck in a world of missed opportunities. 

The only way to see through the façade is to remove the mask.  

It’s time to create a world where excuses have no place, and genuine achievement becomes the north star of our progress.