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Rainy day notes. They’re a real thing if you’ve ever worked with me.

What are they? They are little acknowledgments you do with groups you work with, share life with; the people you call friends, colleagues, or family.

They’re simple, kind, and one of the best tools you can use if you’re having a “rainy day.” You know why? Sometimes, even the best of you forget how truly awesome you are.

When you’re with a group, before you complete your gathering (retreat, project, leadership weekend, full-day(s) workshop, or for a holiday/celebration), write each person’s name on a small piece of paper or index card. Bring the person to mind and write one-word describing what you most appreciate about them. Think of a quality or characteristic about them. Be willing to be vulnerable, deep and thoughtful. Fold the card in half with their name on the outside or write their name on one side of the card and their characteristic on the other.

Have a small gift bag with each person’s name on a table and put the notes in their bag. Read them as often or as seldom as you have a rainy day and watch what happens.

Oh, it’s okay to cheat and read them if you’re having an incredible day or anything in between too.

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